What is barcelona federal district


What is BDF?

BDF is an association created with the intention of recovering the objective of building a metropolitan Barcelona. At BDF we find that Barcelona is losing opportunities in the competitive global environment that is building GLOBAL CITIES around the different metropolitan events existing in the world.

BDF wants Barcelona to become part of the Global Cities network without leaving the blind forces of the global economy; but neither to anti-system prejudices, the determination of their future. Because the difference between a future like a megalopolis or another like a Global City is the same that separates Lagos from Singapore, a difference that is determined by multiple factors; but among which the quality of governance stands out.

The metropolitan essence of truly existing Barcelona is now present in the discourse of all political and social agents; but that does not necessarily mean that they consider the metropolitan fact as the central axis of their proposals; for many it is just a nice speech; For BDF, prioritizing a metropolitan approach is the condition for building a Barcelona open to the world, inclusive, supportive, capable of creating wealth and employment for all and guaranteeing civility and coexistence.

BDF aims to sensitize political agents, elected officials and institutions so that it is possible to properly take advantage of the synergies generated around a GLOBAL CITY, maximizing the efficiency of investments with the consequent increase in external capital raising, and the corollaries of a greater capacity for attracting innovation, technology and knowledge, which allows powerful access to the new axes of the global economy.

Consequently, BDF intends to make a small contribution, in the area of ​​reflection and thought, to make this Metropolitan Barcelona a locomotive of Catalonia, Spain and Europe. A reference among the metropolises.


BDF objectives and actions

Our identity document is the work “A project for Metropolitan Barcelona” presented in February 2019 in which the strengths and weaknesses of the project are analyzed and in which we conclude by affirming the need to improve metropolitan governance and move towards construction of a new political subject based on the metropolitan social economic reality. We reached this conclusion from the consideration of the nonsense that it means to live anchored in the melancholy of a past that could be and was not or face the challenges of the present sick from the past with the result of making impossible the construction of the future that we want and that we believe we deserve .

The work has just begun and we are aware that it will be neither short nor easy; For this reason, BDF’s future plans are to continue developing documents that model and outline the institutional and strategic elements necessary to consolidate a project for Barcelona as a GLOBAL CITY. We are currently working on Governance and the water cycle, which we hope to share with all the political forces, institutions, entities and interested associations shortly.


Join forces to multiply efficiency


BDF is aware of the enormous wealth and diversity of the civil society of the Metropolitan Barcelona and precisely for this reason it sees it necessary to build a network of contacts, which allows coordinating the different initiatives that operate in this field. The option of coming together in a lobby that shares with BDF the objective of promoting BARCELONA GLOBAL would be an important boost to this initiative of civil society and we offer to collaborate with all those who can share this objective.

We carry out our work with the vocation to understand and help, that is, with the will to learn and share.

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