About us

BARCELONA FEDERAL DISTRICT (BDF) is a cultural association constituted in accordance with Law 4/2008 of April 24 of the Parliament of Catalonia” and registered in accordance with Decree 206/1999 of July 27 of the Generalitat de Catalunya, involving university students, public officials, liberal professionals, entrepreneurs, business managers and students united by their feelings of love for Barcelona and the concern with which they live the current situation. 


A concern that moves us to reflection, but not to discouragement or hopelessness.

We face a governance problem that is realised in two major areas: the misconception of the territory we refer to when we think of Barcelona and the sustained loss of quality and deterioration of public services in some of our municipal governments in recent years. It is not only the deterioration of the Barcelona brand, it is a deterioration of coexistence, an increase in insecurity and the awareness of living in a city where inequality has grown and which is less attractive and less attractive every day. 


We cannot expect the solution to these problems from complacency and inaction. The solution is built by joining forces, from cooperation between institutions, associations and administrations, a cooperation that we intend to evoke by the term FEDERAL, which reminds us of the need for cooperation between institutions/administrations and that we want to extend far beyond the space between the Besos and Llobregat rivers, as the term DISTRICT suggests, which we also incorporate into our definition.


If you also think it is better to live by building the future and not destroying the present sick in the past, we invite you to share our first thoughts and participate in B.D.F. 

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