Water in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area

We talk about water to talk about environment

When we talk about the environment we are basically referring to three areas, Water Cycle, Waste and Environment, in which today the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona has competence both in the management and in its legislative capacity.

Water is a common, non-infinite good that must be preserved to ensure the continuity of the life cycle, and the water cycle is also a vital process for the maintenance and stability of the planet.

Water cycle in Barcelona Metropolitan Area

The AMB has competence with respect to the Water Cycle in:

  • Home supply of drinking water or low supply.
  • Sanitation of the water captured for use.
  • Wastewater purification.
  • Regeneration of purified water for other uses.
  • Coordination of municipal sanitation and sewerage systems.
  • Rate regulation.

With regard to Waste Management and everything and that the Society is increasingly aware of the importance of recycling for the conservation and maintenance of the Environment and biodiversity we are still far from the objectives set by the European Union. According to EU guidelines for this 2020, a municipal selective collection rate of 50% should have been achieved. This index has only been achieved by 9 municipalities in the Metropolitan Area (3% of the total population) with the average of the MB 38%. It is worth noting the importance of continuing to work in this area if we are to achieve the 70% limit set by the EU by 2030.

In the field of waste, the MBA intervenes in competition in:

  • Treatment of municipal waste and works as well as in their recovery and dumping of non-recyclable waste.
  • Coordination of municipal collection systems.
  • Choice and selection of packaging.

At the Environmental level, the role of the AMB is of vital importance because the Metropolitan Area is a space of high population density and industrial having the policies applied a direct impact on the environment. Similarly, these policies must also take private enterprise into account so that legislation is feasible with the productive and economic fabric of the Sector.

Thus, environmental policies must be innovated and implemented in such a way that they are in accordance with the European Commission’s roadmap “A Low Carbon Economy for 2050” by implementing the climate and energy package for 2030 and doing so collaboratively and gradually taking into account the Private Sector.

Environment Skills at the AMB

AMB Environment Competencies:

  • Metropolitan Action Plan for the protection of the environment, health and biodiversity and to combat climate change.
  • Acoustic pollution and emission of environmental reports.
  • Municipal collaboration in environmental management policies.
  • Promotion and management of renewable energy installation.

Made a first photo of the situation of the Metropolitan Area and the current competences of the AMB, des BDF we believe it necessary to enhance the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona as a top entity with legislator and management capacity to efficiently service a composite area of 36 municipalities and 636 km2 with a population of more than 3 million inhabitants.

This management will only be possible to provide it efficiently through the formula of the joint management of public-private collaboration, understanding it as “the different forms of cooperation between public authorities and the business world, whose objective is to ensure the financing, construction, renovation, management or maintenance of an infrastructure or the provision of a service” (according to the European Commission’s Green Paper); in this way it is possible to combine the capacities and virtues of the two sectors for the sake of the common good that is none other than having a quality, self-sufficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly Service.

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